•Important?Assassinated •Animal?Slaughtered •Many?Massacred •Man?Homicide/Murdered •American?Manslaughtered Not only this.

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What are another words for Slaughtered? Slain, killed, murdered, fallen. 28 other terms for you slaughtered- words and phrases with similar meaning. .

slaughter verb.

Assassinate, execute, murder, apply only to the taking of human life; to murder is to kill with premeditation and malicious intent; to execute is to kill in fulfilment of a legal sentence; to assassinate is to kill by assault; this word is chiefly applied to the killing of public or eminent. . .

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. Synonyms for SLAUGHTERED: massacred, butchered, killed, decimated, murdered, trounced, routed, overwhelmed, mutilated, annihilated, slain, destroyed; Antonyms for.

3. •Important?Assassinated •Animal?Slaughtered •Many?Massacred •Man?Homicide/Murdered •American?Manslaughtered Not only this.

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slaughter verb.

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. They have words like annihilate, exterminate,butcher, decimate, execute as well. .

liquidation. . 3. . extremely drunk. Slaughter definition, the killing or butchering of cattle, sheep, etc.

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Synonyms for slaughtering include killing, destroying, annihilating, exterminating, eliminating, slaying, butchering, liquidating, massacring and decimating.