While connected to a mobile hotspot, Outlook fails to connect to the Exchange Online.


com/office-tips/how-to-fix-we-are-unable-to-connect-right-now-in-outlook/#Troubleshoot Your Internet Connection" h="ID=SERP,5737. 3.

We are using Office 365.

The Installation was activated until the 2nd of July and suddenly the activation didn't work anymore.

Looking to get some help in troubleshooting an issue with Outlook being unable to connect to Exchange Online. 2. The key point here is that the VPN ('Ethernet 2') has IPv4 Connectivity as "NoTraffic".

Repair your Outlook data files.

May 16, 2023 · So far these have fixed the issue, sometimes. . Make sure to register now to get the full Build.

Select Run Tests: Outlook User Connectivity to download and run the diagnostic. Sign out of Office and sign back in.



1000) and opening up Outlook, I immediately get a pop up saying "we are unable to connect right now". .

I'm unable to ping outlook. There are Microsoft diagnostics that you can run to troubleshoot connectivity issues.

We are using Office 365.
Nov 23, 2022 · If all the above solutions are unable to help you fix the "Outlook we are unable to connect right now" error, you need to repair Microsoft Outlook on your PC.

to/3BryxNw Discussion and more on this error at https://thaterrormessage.

Leaving Outlook open for 5-10 mins and then selecting "need password" and it will successfully connect to exchange and all emails will come through.

. . Check Network Services permissions.

Download SaRA and follow the prompts to see if it can help fix it. I still got the “Mailbox has been temporarily moved” message and had to click twice. I'm unable to ping outlook. 2. 3.

But, each of these fixes does not work every time.

. | Microsoft Office 365, Cyber Security, and Microsoft Exchange Outlook Error:We are unable to connect right now”.

Install the latest Windows and Office updates.


the entry EnableActiveProbing is set to 1 as it is on my computer and yet I don't have any problems with my Office 365 apps.


Deleting the email profile has also sometimes worked.