use this magnet to retrieve the star.


Travail personnel. Handcrafted Colorbomb's clay world is just beautiful and an effort put into the game mindblowing.

This game works best in FULLSCREEN.

NOTE: When you're solving a puzzle, this jingle tells you that you've successfully solved it.

Any walkthroughs or guides available? Already stuck on the first room but loving the game so far!. O. .


Colorbomb Trace Escape Game. February 24, 2023 Be Lucky. Watch on.

You can view the pictures you've taken in the Notes tab. this is the order to open the X O drawers.



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itch. Follow Colorbomb for art and animation.

February 24, 2023 Be Lucky.
This is because the PNG image is transparent in those regions, showing the itch background color behind it.



TRACE is a puzzle escape game where you find yourself trapped in a strange place. Good Faces. Good Faces.

Walk over to the couch and grab the metal star underneath it, a battery under the right couch cushion, and an ogre figure by the plant next to it. 75K subscribers. this walkthrough features a bug that has since been fixed. Liked the creative solutions. May 8, 2023 · Trace (Cool Math Games) is a free browser-based escape room experience along the lines of games such as Escape Simulator. TRACE is a puzzle escape game where you find yourself trapped in a strange place.


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Click on cupboard to open it.

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