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Online Gaming Alliance. Suggest.

The word Oga is a Nigerian Pidgin word which means "senior or boss.

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. OGA: Online Gaming Addicts ** OGA: Orthogonal Greedy Algorithm ** OGA: Obstetrical & Gynecological Associates * OGA: Organismos Georgikon Asfaliseon * OGA: Other Government Agencies * OGA: Or Other Governmental Agency * OGA: On Good Authority Media United nations * OGA: Oil and Gas Association * OGA: Online Gaming Alliance * OGA. What does Internet Slang, Chat Texting & Subculture OGA stand for? Hop on to get the meaning of OGA.

For example, in a question like this: "When will you pay my debt?", an appropriate reply would be: "My Oga at the top has not paid my salary.

. What does OGA stand for in Software? Get the top OGA abbreviation related to Software. Organized Grab Ass.

". Chat, Internet Slang.

�� ↔ The woman said: “Sir, give me this water.

Texting, Poker, Casino.

Other Government Agency. Military, Government, Supply Chain.

take a bath. 3 meanings of OGA abbreviation related to Slang: Vote.

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Chat, Texting, Gaming.

Very Nice Hand. are the top translations of "oga" into English. cornea H.

Casino, Poker, Alliance. Organized Grab Ass. Old Growth Area (land management) OGA. by AcronymAndSlang. . keep an eye on, watch.

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hålla ett öga på verb. use it with different expressions to mean different things.

Middle Limit.


There was a lot more on the line than bragging rights at the 2023 PGA Championship.

“Öga” means “eye”, though.

keep an eye on, watch.